The education portion of The Write Movement is still under development. The goal of education for The Write Movement is to provide workshops and classes in creative writing and professional development, locally and online, as well as provide brief tutorials, educational resources/tools, and a series of certificate-bearing courses in areas such as Editing, Literary Publishing, Nonprofit Management, Grant Writing, Technical Writing, Creative Writing, and Freelance Writing. The Write Movement also wants to offer writing retreats and a bridge program for fellowships, internships, and assistantships with partnering organizations/companies.

In order to make this work, we need space, teachers, equipment/supplies, curriculum writers, those who specialize in educational programming, and accreditation for our certificate courses. Our goal is to provide free to low-cost, affordable education to writers who cannot afford a university education or want to strengthen their skills without breaking the bank, while utilizing the skills of many talented writers who have a lot to teach but may not have the opportunity or resources to do so.

To volunteer or to find out how you can contribute to the development of The Write Movement’s educational programming, please send us a message though our contact page.