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Founded in 2016, The Write Movement is a developing nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, resources, and opportunities for careers in the literary, publishing, and new media arts/industries.The Write Movement aims to create educational programming, provide certifications, and help writers form connections in the nonprofit, book publishing, education, and for-profit industries.The Write Movement also celebrates the literary arts by curating performances and publishing opportunities. Future endeavors include opening a creative media space for creation, performance, and learning in The Write Movement’s founding city, Chicago and other cities in the US.


The Write Movement is looking for volunteers in several areas in order to grow the organization and its resources.

  • Education: The Write Movement is looking for volunteers to teach workshops and classes, to give guest lectures, and to participate in a bridge program that connects writers to organizations, businesses, and individuals.

  • Editorial/Website: The Write Movement is looking for volunteers for content creation and to help manage the TWM website, including the job board, events calendar, and directory listings.

  • Organization Staff and Board of Directors: The Write Movement will be building staff and a board of directors as the organization grows. Please check often for updates.

TWM aims to be the number one resource for writers and organizations to find each other for career advancement. We need dedicated people to make that happen.


The Write Movement wants to become the largest and most comprehensive resource for writers to find information on job opportunities, various career paths, calls of writing, classes and workshops, who's who, and events around the country.

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