Top Five Job Titles for the Writer with the Inner Nerd and Funny Bone

You are a writer who loves all things that are considered nerdy. You love a good joke, you may play video games, even read comic books. You have all these great ideas and inspirations from the latest superhero movie or zombie killing series. You don’t know how to express your creative outlet. You think, “Where is there room for interests and writing like mine?”

Oh nerdy writer, you can go anywhere. When you go to school for creative writing or journalism, you are taught how to write well. You may even get to specialize in something and write about it. But where does that leave you when you graduate from school and you need to use all of these writing skills and creativity? Not as lost as you think. Here are the top five jobs that come to mind when you love a good laugh and can tell a heck of a story based on a little fantasy:

Joke Writer
Comic Book Writer
Video Game Writer
Arts Reviewer
Scriptwriter (TV, Film, Radio, Theater)

“That’s Great!,” you think. “But what do they do?”

Here is a brief breakdown:

Joke Writers writes for cartoonists, comedians or shows needing humor, generally in short form.
Comic Book Writers writes the story and has the overall vision of how the story will go. They write the dialogue and how the story will progress.
Video Game Writers are part of the design team, during pre-production, and creates the main plot of a video game but can also focus on the dialogue, the character creation and development or the world building.
Arts Reviewers are engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works in the arts.
Scriptwriter write copy to be used by an announcer, performer, or director in a film or broadcast.

“Where can I find you more?!” you excitedly ask.

We are building a couple of resources for you so sit tight and we’ll have them soon. But if you can’t wait, Google is usually the friend to trust